Tristan Risk

Welcome to the wonderfully weird and wild world of the Nonesuches. These little creatures come from my head, hands, and heart. All my funny fae friends are handmade, with an intent to bring some more magic into the world

-Tristan Risk

What is a Nonesuch?

Are they a monster, a critter, a frisky fae or a pesky pooka?

The answer... All of these things, and also none of them.

The Nonesuches are a curious group of creatures which can be found in both town and country, domicile

and wilderness alike. Here, you may better acquaint yourself with these whimsical little corner-crawlers

and garden bogarts and see the world through their lens.

The Nonesuches are the brainchild of Tristan Risk, born in the throes of Spring 2020 during the global pandemic.

Unable to perform and too lazy to start an OnlyFans account, Tristan picked up some leftover polymer clay and started

going back to her art school roots. The genie in the craft box that day sparked the drive to start creating to alleviate the

stress and boredom of quarantine. With heavy influences from Toby and Wendy Froud, as well as Arthur Rackham,

and Ralph Bakshi (though you would probably not know it to look at them), these little weirdos have kept the Mother of Nonesuches "sane". It was at the suggestion of photographer and collaborator Scott Alexander and Tristan's partner, Burns The Dragon, that a book about the Nonesuches be put together. This led to the creation of "In The Nonesuch Garden".

Into what Tristan has dubbed the "Hot Nonesuch Summer of '20", The second book began production,

and was available by the xmas holiday season of 2020. "On the Town with The Urban Nonesuch"

documented the urban sophisticate Nonesuch, and their adaptation to human habitation. This book also featured the Songstress Crystal Precious, showcasing her skill with a quill, turning Tristan's poems into visual works of art as

she lovingly crafted the calligraphy for the text.

Where will the Nonesuches wind up next? In space? In the deep blue sea?

Follow NonesuchesbyRisk on social media, and you will soon know...

Interested in Adoption?

Nonesuches are wanderers, and shortly after birth set off on their own to explore the wide wide world. If you are

interested in adopting one, we will make that happen!

A lot of our lovely Nonesuch friends were born in Canada, and can be sent anywhere in North America with relative ease,

however, some Nonsuches were born in New Zealand, and require both a passport and plane ticket on AirNZ.

Nonesuches marked as 'Born in New Zealand' being sent to North America (and vice versa) will incur additional fees as noted above depending on the speed at which you wish to see them (in Canadian Dollars)

-Economy Airfare: $35 - Business Class: $90 - First Class: $130 -

The Evil Eyes

The Evil eyes are... Too.. Evil... must sell to lift.. curse... The white ones... They glow!! $20 each

"EYE 1"


"EYE 2"


"EYE 3"


"EYE 4"


"EYE 5"


"EYE 6"


"EYE 7"


"EYE 8"


"EYE 9"



The Nonesuch group known as "Peeves" took to being human companions remarkably quick, coining the name "Pet Peeve". These smaller Nonesuches enjoy cuddling with humans, listening to stories (especially when they're about other Nonesuches) and eating leftover breakfast scraps






The Nonesuch clowns take much delight in the skill of circus arts. Each is a patron of their own particular arena of interest. They love to encourage humans to hone their skills and test their abilities with an assortment of interesting human tricks.

"Buttons the Clown"


"The Juggler"


"Three Eyed Clown"



The Rose-Gold Nonesuches were discovered in March of 2021, going on to willingly display their gilded glory at the Art Church 604 Show, which to them might as well have been Nonesuch Fashion Week. These super glitzy Nonesuches enjoy the more refined things human have to offer.

"Rose Gold Gremlin"


"Rose Gold Griffin"


"Rose Gold Phoenix"


"Dawn's Sovereign"